15 Activities to Kickstart Halloween

Oct 3, 2021 / By Megan

Get hands-on this Halloween with these spooky crafts and science experiments! From dancing ghosts to puking pumpkins, these projects are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. Try them out... if you dare!

Projects Delivered to Your Door

Puking Pumpkin Science


Add a dash of spooky science to your Halloween decor — with an eerie, oozy chemical concoction you whip up yourself!

Light-Up Haunted House


Science doesn't have to be scary — but it can be spooktacular! Engineer a battery-powered haunted house with LEDs and vellum paper windows (for a ghoulish glowing effect). Customize some cool and creepy decorations (like cotton ball cobwebs and paper tombstones) to finish off your boo-tiful creation.

Spooky Halloween Science


Discover the shocking science of static electricity with three spooky experiments! Then keep the fun and learning going with more electrifying experiments you can conduct using materials from home!

Halloween Luminaries


Discover hands-on Halloween fun with four fa-boo-lous luminaries you craft yourself! Along the way, read all about the original fright lights — jack o’ lanterns — and how they were invented. Ready for a spook-tacular time?

Trick-or-Treat Tote


Ready to get things glowing for the spookiest night of the year? Gear up for a Halloween haul with your own candy bag! Get creative with geometric shape stickers to design a spook-tacular face for your tote, like a witch’s cat or a fluttering bat. Then charge up the tote’s stickers with light to make it glow in the dark. Happy trick-or-treating!

Bubbling Cauldron


Discover spooky science — with your very own bubbling cauldron. Mix together a witchy brew using citric acid and colored baking soda, use the pump to add water, then watch your cauldron bubble and boil in a creepy chemical reaction!

DIYs with Household Materials

Spider Launcher


We love launchers because they're a super fun way to play with physics! With this project, your kids can turn a few rubber bands into a stretchy web that launches spiders across the room.

Count Popula


We had a ton of fun putting chemistry to work to create our own bubbling brew that blew up a balloon. Putting a special Halloween touch made it that much more entertaining. Can you blow up your own balloon Dracula without touching it?

Play Dough Monsters


Monsters don't always have to be scary! We love to make these silly, not-so-scary play dough monsters whenever we get out our play dough box! These are a fun Halloween party or anytime play activity and craft.

Ghost Tea Lights


Candles make for a perfectly eerie Halloween glow. Watching them dance in the center of the dinner table last night, I was inspired to create this "ghostly" Halloween project. I molded ghosts from some air dry clay to illuminate Halloween dinner-time stories. These ghosts fit in nicely with Halloween room decor, and can serve as fun gifts!

Bendable Wire Mummy


You can turn this simple DIY into a learning lesson by introducing the science behind mummification! We also recommend using your mini-mummy to start a new at-home Halloween tradition. While your kids are sleeping, move the mummy into a different spot just like the holiday tradition of Elf on the Shelf!

Paper Plate Halloween Characters


Want some super simple, last minute Halloween craft ideas for the kids? Create this trio of Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store and a short list of supplies.

3D Yarn Spider Web


Why buy Halloween decorations when you can have your kids make really cool ones? This 3-D Yarn Spider Web is fun to make and will turn heads this Halloween!

Halloween Crystals


Ready to try some spooky science, we made some little Halloween crystals to decorate our home! The project takes some time but it was fascinating to grow crystals right in our kitchen! We also made a batch of ornaments to give our loved ones as gifts.

Pumpkin Power


Like lemons, pumpkins have acidic juices that help transport electrical energy! Put your pumpkin’s power to the test by combining copper, zinc, and electrical wire. The flow of electrical energy starts by dissolving charged ions of zinc off of the zinc metal. The zinc ions leave behind extra electrons in the zinc metal which travel over to the copper through the wire. That movement of electrons creates electricity!