Tis the Season for STEAM Printables

Nov 24, 2019 / By Drew

Help your child celebrate the season of giving with these three STEAM printable PDFs. Each printable features family activities that foster the holiday spirit. They’re easy and engaging and build important life skills from creativity to compassion. All you need is a printer and a pencil!

Holiday Acts of Service

Performing acts of service helps your child practice one of life’s most important skills: empathy. Empathy enables people to make social connections, regulate emotions, and even perform better at work and school

Studies have found that kids become better at viewing situations from different perspectives when we talk to them about mental states such as beliefs, desires, and goals. Together, you’ll build a schedule of who to help and how to help them, then put that schedule into action!

Download the Holiday Acts of Service PDF

KiwiCo Holiday Wishlist

Transform your holiday child’s wish to be about more than toys they want to receive. Instead,  have your child make a holiday wish list for things they want to do. Encourage them to write down new skills they want to learn, and books they want to read in the new year.

These goals can help you plan group activities for your child, and turn the holidays into a time of reading and discovery!

Download the Holiday Wishlist PDF

Connect the Dots Printable Game

Have a bit of holiday cheer with this festive Connect the Dots game. Solve math problems to figure out which dots connect, then link the dots to make Steve the Kiwi whole! After that, add creative flair by giving Steve some color!

Download the Connect the Dots PDF

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