5 Benefits of a Panda Crate Subscription for Your Baby

Jul 27, 2021 / By Megan Bates

We know first hand that the first months (and years) of your child’s life can be often busy, sometimes confusing, and seemingly never-endingly sleep deprived. That’s why we developed Panda Crate, a subscription that provides you with boxes of specially designed research-backed, developmentally-appropriate products and activities to nourish your little one’s brain during those critical first two years. We think there are countless benefits of a Panda Crate subscription, but here are the top five!

Developmentally targeted & research backed


Panda Crate products are designed by our team of in-house experts along with our partners at Seattle Children's Hospital who specialize in child health, behavior, and development. Each Panda Crate is grounded in the science of early childhood development, ensuring that the activities are just right for your baby's developmental stage. You’ll be asked to enter a birth month and year when you place your order so we can be sure to send you age-appropriate products. As your baby grows, the crates change right along with them!

Promotes learning & engagement


Your baby may be tiny, but they’re making big discoveries and connections every day! Panda Crate activities like sorting objects by size or experimenting with cause and effect help your little one develop a foundation for STEAM learning in the years ahead.

Develops motor skills with hands-on play

Strengthening motor skills is an essential step in teaching your child everyday skills from dressing themselves to climbing stairs. The products in a Panda Crate help your little one develop both fine and gross motor skills as they grow.

Gives you more time to bond


Establishing a loving connection with your new baby helps them feel safe and secure, making it easier to explore the world and develop cognitive skills that will last a lifetime. Each Panda Crate includes a magazine and cards that distill scientific research on child development into easy and fun activities to do together, giving you more time to bond.

Takes the guesswork out of parenting

With a Panda Crate subscription, you don’t need to spend hours researching what skills and activities you should be working on and when. With the automatic delivery of a new crate every two months, you can skip the guesswork and get straight to what matters: spending time with your baby! Get your Panda Crate subscription today at: https://www.kiwico.com/panda.

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