5 Simple Snacks Kids Can Make

Teaching your kids to make their own snacks can save you a lot of time in the long run, and it's a great way to foster their independence! To help you get started, we've put together a list of simple, fun, healthy snacks that kids can make themselves with minimal supervision. Cool off with a frozen fruit pop, roll up a tasty pinwheel PB&J, or make your own crispy "goldfish" crackers. Snack time just got a whole lot more fun!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Jammin' Pinwheel Sandwiches

    This jammin' pinwheel sandwich is a hit in our house and such a simple snack for your child to make with minimal assistance. This healthy snack allows your child to work on their fine motor skills while they slice, spread, and roll!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Monster Treats
    Monster Treats

    (Ages 3-8)

    Mix up your snack routine with these monster treats! Little ones love how delicious they are and it's hard not to smile while making these adorable treats! They are perfect appetizers or desserts at dinner parties!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Rainbow Kebabs
    Rainbow Kebabs

    (Ages 3-16)

    Eat all the colors of the rainbow with this delicious and healthy snack! My girls and I picked out fruits to follow the colors of the rainbow, but you can use any variety of fruit your family likes best. This is definitely a new go-to snack for those carefree summer days.

  • Visual aid of how to complete Fruit Pops
    Fruit Pops

    (Ages 3-16)

    Try making your own fruit pops as a healthy alternative to store-bought popsicles and ice cream!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Whole Wheat Goldfish Crackers

    Tired of eating all your cheesy crackers in fish form? With this simple recipe and your own supply of cookie cutters, you can have fun baking your own delicious goldfish.

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