7 Exciting STEAM Experiments Kids Can Try At Home

Over at Camp KiwiCo, we're constantly coming up with fun new experiments to try at home! If you're in need of some inspiration for your next project, we've put together a list of some of our favorite project videos to help you get started. Make your own model of Jupiter, trap a cloud in a bottle, grow your own crystal tree, or learn how electric currents and magnets can turn a battery into a moving train!

  • Learn about the role density plays in the formation of gas giants by creating your very own Jupiter jar!

  • Make your own magnetic slime, then watch it come alive in the presence of a magnet. A great way to visualize the effects of a magnetic field!

  • Part colorful craft, part science experiment, this Rainbow density jar is a fun, simple physics lesson that teaches your child about density gradients.

  • The electromagnetic train experiment is a fun, simple physics lesson that demonstrates the way copper wire conducts electricity. All you need to get started is a spool of copper wire, a Triple-A battery, a few small magnets and a wooden dowel.

  • Demonstrate how pressure changes form clouds in the atmosphere by condensing water vapor with this simple Instant Cloud experiment!

  • Few things are as amazing as watching crystals form right before your eyes! This fun crystal tree experiment teaches your child the fundamentals of transpiration, evaporation, and chemical reactions!

  • This thermal powered flower experiment makes a great introduction to thermodynamics. Be sure to use a fire-resistant material for the petals, or you may also get a lesson in spontaneous combustion!

Get inspired!