8 Easy Dessert Recipes for Kids

Sorry, breakfast, every kid knows dessert is the most important meal of the day! If you're in the mood for a chocolate mint cookie, a banana nut muffin, or a homemade parfait with fresh fruit and whipped cream, you're in luck! We've put together a tasty list of desserts simple enough for kids to make with minimal supervision. Bon appetit!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Valentine's Day Ginger Crinkles

    These cookies are perfect to make for your Valentines!

  • Visual aid of how to complete 'Thin Mint' Christmas Cookies

    These delicious 'thin mint' cookies are great for the holidays, but we love to make them any time of year. Learn the secret and free yourself from the iron-fisted grip of those cookie-gatekeeping Girl Scouts!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

    Yummy, what could be better than a warm plate of peanut butter cookies? This recipe is one of my and my daughter's favorite--they're as delicious to eat as they are easy to make!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Homemade Whipped Cream and Fruit Treat

    It's fruit and fresh whipped cream in a bowl! What's not to love?

  • Visual aid of how to complete Magic Mug Cake
    Magic Mug Cake

    (Ages 5-16)

    Make yourself a tasty chocolate cake in under a minute, with this magic mug cake recipe!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Ice Cream Sandwich Party Bites

    This was a fun little treat for the kids to make themselves. It came out so festive and pretty!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Valentine Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Valentine treats don't have to be all about candy. Here are some healthier treats with a bit of chocolate and an easy trick to shape these muffins into hearts for your sweeties.

  • Visual aid of how to complete Banana Truffles
    Banana Truffles

    (Ages 3-7)

    These chocolate-dipped banana truffles are a huge hit with even the pickiest of eaters!

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