Kid-Friendly Crafts & Materials for July 4th

Celebrate July 4th with these awesome summer crafts and activities for the whole family. Brighten your home with red, white, and blue stars and stripes! Create your own games to play outdoors! Get ready to have some serious fun!

  1. DIY Crafts

    • Visual aid of how to complete Make Your Own Party Glass

      My two-year-old created this fun jar cup! It's so easy and festive. This is a simple way to have a fun fancy glass for kiddos to use at any gathering.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Burlap American Flags

      Painting right on burlap gives these a great rustic look. These flags were fun for the kids to make and I love the way they look in our home. This is a great patriotic craft for the family.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Festive Confetti Votive

      I am a little in love with these votive holders we made with just a little confetti, glue and a jar! Wouldn't these be a great way to decorate for a birthday party or a 4th of July gathering? Bonus--the kids loved making them!

  2. Outdoor Games and Activities

    • Visual aid of how to complete Pop-Top Rockets
      Pop-Top Rockets

      (Ages 12-16)

      Celebrate the 4th of July with a pop and a bang! These mini rockets are so easy to make and so fun to set off, you’ll want to launch them again and again.

      Parent supervision and eye protection are highly recommended for this project! Never point your pop-top rocket at yourself or anyone else. This project must be done outside.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Giant Bubble Wand

      Now that the weather is warming up, my kids have been looking forward to going camping and playing outside! Using some household items, it was easy to make a giant bubble wand and a bubble solution for giant bubbles. The kids loved taking turns trying to see who could make the biggest bubbles.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Paper Spinning Helicopters

      If you’ve ever been near a maple tree in the late summer or early fall, you’ve probably watched their seeds twirl down from high branches and fall near the base of the tree. These seeds are a natural example of how helicopters work by creating lift!

      Download the printable here to mimic their movement with some fun paper spinning helicopters!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Box Toss
      Box Toss

      (Ages 9-16)

      Inspired by the game of Corn Hole, this simple tossing contest uses recycled cardboard boxes (or KiwiCo crates!) Set up in the backyard and see who gets the most points. For tossing objects, try whiffle balls, ping pong balls or even walnuts!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Expanding Star
      Expanding Star

      (Ages 1-8)

      Show off your patriotic spirit with this simple yet satisfying star project. Watch as five broken toothpicks transform their shape with just a few drops of water.

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