Memorial Day Fun | Our Favorite Backyard Activities

The long Memorial Day weekend is the official start of summer (at least mentally!) for most of us. This year will likely be a little different from how we would typically spend the long weekend (no neighborhood BBQ or pool party for us this year) — but it’s still a great time to have some serious backyard fun! With that in mind, we created a list of our favorite outdoor games to play, crafts to make, and foods to eat outdoors. All of these projects can be created using simple materials and ingredients that you may already have at your house. We hope these projects make your Memorial Day even more memorable!

  1. Flying Object Fun!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Bow and Arrow
      Bow and Arrow

      (Ages 5-16)

      Build your own bow and arrow and see if you can hit a target! Host a competition and see who can get the most points. 

    • Visual aid of how to complete Balloon Rocket
      Balloon Rocket

      (Ages 5-16)

      Create your very own balloon powered rockets and see how far they can travel.

      Experiment with different balloon shapes and sizes to experiment with the travel speed.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Rubber Band Helicopter

      Learn about helicopters by making a rubber band powered flying toy!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Giant Bubble Wand

      Now that the weather is warming up, my kids have been looking forward to going camping and playing outside! Using some household items, it was easy to make a giant bubble wand and a bubble solution for giant bubbles. The kids loved taking turns trying to see who could make the biggest bubbles.

      • Visual aid of how to complete One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

        Is there anything more fun for kids than bubbles? Not in my house!--well, at least on this afternoon with with this particular bubble bottle. My kids and I had a great time making our one-of-a-kind bottle...then we had a blast blowing a GAZILLION bubble suds!

    • Games to Make and Play

      • Visual aid of how to complete Cornhole Game

        Cornhole is a game that has been around for years! The goal is to toss bags (orginally filled with corn kernels) into plywood holes (hence the name cornhole!) The game is more popular than ever, and world tournaments abound! It’s simple to make your own cornhole game using a cardboard box.

      • Visual aid of how to complete DIY Bean Bag Toss

        This bean bag game is easy to assemble–you’ll be having fun in minutes! Children can help make bean bags; paper plates make great targets!

      • Visual aid of how to complete Paper Plate Ring Toss

        We designed and created our own little game of ring toss that uses super simple household materials. The kids had so much fun practicing their tossing skills that they wanted to paint more paper rings! If you’re looking for an easy-to-make afternoon activity that provides hours of fun, try this paper plate ring toss.

    • Outdoor Arts and Crafts

      • Visual aid of how to complete Red, White, and Blue 3D Stars

        Get ready for Memorial Day weekend with this banner of 3D stars. These DIY stars are super simple, once you learn the technique of making a single petal. As you create each petal, the 3D stars will start to come into form. You can experiment with different layers, sizes, and shapes, making these DIY stars great for any occasion.

      • Visual aid of how to complete Mini Piñatas
        Mini Piñatas

        (Ages 3-11)

        Your kids will love to make and break these adorable mini pinatas!

      • Visual aid of how to complete Painted Rocks

        Transform backyard rocks into bugs and other animals. This simple art project is fun for little kids!

      • Visual aid of how to complete Chalk Paints
        Chalk Paints

        (Ages 5-16)

        As a child, I loved drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Whether it was starting a game of hopscotch or creating colorful imaginary scenes, it was a great way to spend a carefree summer afternoon. Just like me, my girls have discovered summertime fun with chalk.

        For some upleveled play, we decided to try our hand at making colorful chalk paint! Only requiring three simple ingredients, it was such an easy recipe. The girls loved painting and exploring this new medium, and I know we'll be sure to do it again!

    • Festive Picnic Food

      • Visual aid of how to complete Frozen Banana Ice Cream

        Creamy ice cream made with just one ingredient. Yes, that’s right — just one ingredient, and no ice cream maker needed!

      • Visual aid of how to complete Fire Pot S'mores
        Fire Pot S'mores

        (Ages 5-16)

        Recreate the fun of summertime camping with mini fire pot s'mores! Nothing's more convenient than roasting marshmallows using a simple terra cotta pot. It's the perfect way to enjoy a summer night treat in your own backyard.

      • Visual aid of how to complete Fruit Pops
        Fruit Pops

        (Ages 3-16)

        Now that it's officially summer, my kids have craving anything cold to cool down from the heat. As a healthy alternative to store-bought popsicles and ice cream, we decided to try making our own fruit pops. They turned out to be delicious and refreshing! The best part was watching the kids have fun picking out their favorite fruits to make custom combination of flavors.

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