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Christmas Candle Carousel



Santa and Snowman Wobbler (2-Pack)


Crystal Ombre Soap Making


Light-Up Wire Art


Punch Needle Pillow


Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume


Little Tree


Thanksgiving Table Turkeys



Koala Crate (3-Pack)


Snowman Wobbler


Crystal Chemistry Tree


Loom-Knitted Hats


Light-Up Lantern


Animal Chalkboard Ornaments


Monster Mix & Match Art Pack


Santa Wobbler


Screen Printing


Little Artist


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Create Something Awesome with Art Kits

Harness creativity with these art kits & crafts sets for kids! Explore how textures and colors work together, and learn how to tackle design challenges. By fostering creativity, kids also build an inner confidence to express themselves and acquire even more skills. We can't wait to see what these amazing builders & problem-solvers create!