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Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Draw & Grow Planter


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Grow your creativity with a chalkboard planter! Decorate your planter with a pair of stick-on shoes and a customizable chalk face, then complete your little planter pal with a wacky wheatgrass hairdo you grow yourself! Keep an observation journal to track how your wheatgrass grows, checking for budding plant parts like roots and seeds. You can use the planter over and over again — whether you want to wipe away the chalk to redecorate, or swap out the wheatgrass for a new plant. Ready to get growing?




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Give your plants a little personality! Learn about the lifecycle of plants, grow out a wacky wheatgrass hairdo, and give your new plant friend a funny face!
Behind the Design

By the numbers

Number of planter designs: 11

Wheatgrass seeds sprouted: 500+

Favorite planter face: grumpy




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    Nov 11 2022

    I loved the speed at which the grass grew. My grandson was so excited to see his plant grow and change from seed to plant. I didn't like the chalk. My grandson made the face on the planter but then we watered the plant, the face washed away and that upset him. We redid it with paint and that worked much better


    Sep 12 2022

    Little one loves this! He wanted to stick all the feet stickers on the feet but wanted them all to show, so that was a challenge. He was really excited to water his plant every day until it started to sprout then he wanted to pull them all out.


    Sep 9 2022

    my grandson absolutely loved this! he got to draw on the pot and he waters it everyday makes him so happy

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