Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Fort Builder Kit


What you get

Build a cave, a clubhouse, a castle, or anything else you can dream up with this endless building kit — perfect for architects-in-the-making. Complete with sturdy wooden poles and strong-but-flexible connectors, this crate makes building big, custom play fort structures a breeze. And with our easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, you can give your structure special features — like a secret door, a working flagpole, or even a drawbridge! Just add a few of your own bed sheets (for walls!) and a big imagination, and you’ll end up with a totally rad play pad. House that for a fun time?







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Mar 23 2022

We -just- got this and twenty minutes later my two kids are inside here giggling and I’m thinking I need another set at least (and more bedsheets) .. I love this !!

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Jan 16 2022

Love this fort builder! This is actually my second one, as I re-bought this product to give my children more options when building.

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Jan 6 2022

My kids loved it and once they figured out what pieces could be angled they had a lot of fun building different things. We had a 12, 10, and 8 yr old fit in one design for a sleepover comfortably! The only reason it didn't get five stars is because one of the wooden pieces already broke and we've had it for less than a week so I'm not sure how long it will last with normal kid wear and tear.