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Ages 3+

Jungle Fun


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Explore the sights and sounds (and species!) of the jungle. Sharpen your stacking skills with a tree stacker game. Decorate a jungle bag with leaf stickers — any way you like! Then play a matching game where you pick cards out of your jungle bag, find the matching Koala Crate character, then hook them to your completed tree. Ready to hang out in the jungle?

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Kids can turn anything into a toy, including clothes hangers. We designed this play set for kids to practice hanging and stacking things together — without rummaging through grownup closets.

By the numbers

Animal shapes tested: 8

Tree trunk designs: 4

Tree top designs: 5



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Sep 22 2020

My son really loves building the tree and taking it apart. He does well with the little game and loves the little books that come in many of the boxes. I did see in another review of this where someone else bought a barrel of monkeys to extend the longevity of the game after the felt figures wear out. I did go ahead of grab a barrel for down the road and those do work well with this little game as well. I know my son will enjoy playing this for a long time!

Sep 3 2020

I love EVERYTHING! My daughter plays with it daily. It has been her favorite crate. We've been practicing counting and recognizing numbers. Love this!

May 30 2020

My son loves his tree, he has fun putting the trunk pieces and taking them off, the monkeys were made out of felt so those didn't last long, I had to buy a small barrel of monkeys which were sturdier but overall, this crate is a lot of fun if your baby loves to stack things.