Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Levitating Lantern


What you get

Harness the power of physics to engineer a mind-boggling magic trick — a levitating lantern that floats in thin air! Wire up the lantern, build the stand, and learn all about how tension and tensegrity make your “impossible” illusion possible! Read up on the science and mechanics behind other illusions, from flying candles to hovering magicians! Ready to discover science that’s totally, float-ally amazing?

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

What's cooler than building and customizing your own lantern? Making it float! I decided to use transparent rings to mimic how magicians create floating illusions — the harder the rings are to see, the more magical the illusion looks!
Behind the Design

By the numbers

Lantern prototypes built: 15

Shades styles tested: 10

O-rings accidentally fired across the workshop: many




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    Apr 10 2023

    This project was so fun! Not too easy, not too hard, and now it has a place on our mantle. Lovely.


    Feb 12 2023

    10 year loved building it.


    Feb 9 2023

    The "levitation" element really blew our minds. My nine year old and I giggled as we built this and watched the magic come alive.

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