Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Mini Cake Decorating


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Discover design success — without the kitchen mess! — with this play cake-decorating crate. Make a play cake (and explore simple fractions!) using foam cake slices. Experiment with real piping techniques using a piping nozzle and decorating clay that looks and spreads just like actual frosting. Make loops, lines, swirls, and more, then add some decorations and confetti for extra flair. With the right tools and tutorials, design and decoration is a piece of cake!




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Aug 23 2021

I would give this 5+ stars if I could! I'm ordering extra ones to do over the holidays with my children and their friends. My 7 year old and almost 4 year old did GREAT decorating, I was very impressed. We are using their creations in the play kitchen. My only word of advice - ORDER ONE FOR YOURSELF!!! It is too fun!

Aug 5 2021

OMG! Ava loved this crate! I saw it in the store section of the website & I immediately knew she would love it. She’s two & her sister is 7 & they did it together! They loved spreading the “icing” & adding the decorations! Of course we had to sing Happy birthday but it was so great seeing them laugh & celebrate! This was great!

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Jul 22 2021

This was a great craft to do with my son. It was fun for me, and I guess he liked it too (I LOVED it). I was impressed with the consistency of the play frosting, and then how it dried a little soft but certainly firm. This would be an awesome party activity for kids. BTW, my son is a 6yo and could have done this on is own, almost. Just a little adult supervisor is needed. But if you have an independent 6yo, they could do the whole thing on their own.

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