Ages 6+
Ages 6+

Professions Starter Kit (3-Pack)

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    Feb 1 2022

    My kiddo tells us how he's going to do *all* the jobs when he grows up. So I got this 3-pack of professions for his 5th birthday to get him started on a few of them at least. We've really enjoyed working on the projects together and going through all the materials. He is so happy with the gift, and I'm a happy mama! The quality of everything did not disappoint in the least - in fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and quality in every aspect. Nothing was cheap or sloppy or poorly designed and instructions were clear. This was our first KiwiCo experience and it definitely won't be our last!


    Dec 5 2021

    This is a Christmas gift shipped overseas for our Grandson!! We sent crates last year and he loved them!


    Jun 30 2021

    I bought them for my great-nephews. We FaceTimed while they opened them. Their mom and I were amazed at the quality of the supplies and the number of activities in each crate. The boys were so excited they immediately started building. They are ages 5-9 so they could work together. Ordered more kits for the other set of great-nephews. Will definitely keep ordering!

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