Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Rainbow 3D Paint Set




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Feb 11 2022

So much fun to play with! I bought this Rainbow 3D Paint Set for my 7 year old who loves Art and doesn't have regular art classes in 2nd grade. She misses art so much so I try to have classes for her myself at home and sign her up any chance I can get when I find online classes. She had never used this 3D paint before but when I showed her what it could do she was amazed. She immediately made a big picture of her other love - Numbers - from the Numberblocks show and I'll happily buy her more to keep her creative side blooming. I highly recommend this 3D Paint. Just make sure to use a surface that won't wrinkle or wilt with the paint. Also make sure you let it dry before interacting with it or it'll smear.

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