Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Wrap Rockets


What you get

Launch a love of hands-on learning, with a pair of wrap rockets that you build yourself! Learn about snap buckling, and how it’s a feature in a variety of toys (like snap bracelets and jumping poppers) and even in nature (like with Venus flytraps). Practice two ways of throwing your rockets, then watch them shoot through the air and snap around their targets — anything from plastic bottles to table legs to tree trunks! Ready to rock out with snap rockets?

the Crate Challenge



From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

One of our design goals is to make toys that motivate curiosity. These wrap rockets encourage kids to think about household objects in a completely new way.

By the numbers

12 unique rivets were 3D modeled, printed, and tested to figure out the perfect snap:

6 different rubber bands were tested for ultimate stretchiness:



7 reviews

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    May 3 2023

    The kids, my great grandsons loved these. They played with them the moment they put them together.


    Apr 17 2023

    It was quick and easy and fun to shoot.


    Feb 5 2022

    My daughter loved this! Only thing that could be improved would to have a 'target' included in the kit

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