Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Solar Bundle Pack (2-Pack)

$39.95($44.90 value)

What you get

Soak up some Sun (and a whole lot of science) with this 2-pack crate bundle! Build a mini planter box, plant a set of snap pea seeds, and learn about how the Sun’s light helps plants grow day by day. Then construct an LED lantern that’s powered by — you guessed it — the Sun, and explore how people use eco-friendly solar power in the world around you.

1. Watch-It-Grow Planter: Snap Peas

Construct a mini upright planter box and grow your very own snap pea plants!

Individual price: $16.95

2. Solar Lantern

Get glowing with a solar-powered lantern you build yourself!

Individual price: $27.95

Both projects are delivered together.